Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Dinesh Kumar
Mortgage Alliance A 2 Z Mortgages Inc.
E-mail: dkumar@mortgagealliance.com

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  1. Yuliet says:

    Inquiries only cost you between 2-5 pitons and that is made up when the new account reports on your credit.Considering that 30% of your score is based on your total debt to credit ratio having another card is a good idea because it will lower that ratio as long as you pay in full every month.I have 3 cards including a Discover that I use every month for things I used to pay cash for. I always pay in full before the due date and last year they paid me almost $1,000.00 in cash back rewards for using their money for free.It also has raised my credit score over 150-points in the last 24-months.

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