Elaine Rustad

Elaine Rustad - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Elaine Rustad – Sub Mortgage Broker
Invis Inc.
5 – 1455 Harvey Ave.,
Kelowna BC
V1Y 6E9
Phone: (250) 212-4548
Fax: (250) 762-4599
E-mail: elainerustad@invis.ca

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One comment on “Elaine Rustad
  1. Dianne Dawson says:

    Hi Elaine
    I don’t want to be a nuisance but I do have a question re mortgages.
    As you may or may not recall, our son was looking for a mortgage without any luck. We asked you how long it takes to get a good credit rating (after paying cards off) and I think you said something like six to 12 months. Well, our son is about to sign papers for a house, $15,000 down, with four months to get a mortgage. A person involved in mortgages told him his credit rating would improve in a month or two after paying off his cards. Well, they are paid off but I am worried he will have problems getting a mortgage – he stands to lose $15,000. When I mentioned that it certainly didn’t make him feel very good and I can’t blame him. He is so stressed out as it is. Dang.
    So, sorry to bend your ears. I guess long story short do you think his chances are very good for getting a mortgage now that he has paid his credit cards off???
    Thanks for listening, Elaine.
    Arlie & Dianne Dawson

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