Mackenzie Gartside

Mackenzie Gartside - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Mackenzie Gartside – Mortgage Approval Specialist
Mackenzie Gartside and Associates – Verico Select Mortgage Corp.
5 – 212 Fifth St.,
Courtenay BC
V9N 1J6
Phone: (250) 331-0800
Cell: (250) 792-1618
Fax: 250.331.0808

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  1. karen says:

    I was referred to you buy my daughters friends Dad,Jack.He is from New Zealand.Sorry I don’t know his last name.Anyway,I want to know what I have to do to buy a house with very little to put down.I have a friend that wants to sell her house to me for $200,000.I don’t know anything about buying a house.I had a credit check done online and as far as I know my credit is good.My husband started a roofing business last year but we haven’t really made any money yet.We just need to know the steps we need to take so that maybe by next fall we can have some money saved and possibly get to buying this house.My friend insists that she only wants to sell this house to me.The house needs a lot of work but we can get to that later.This is a great deal and I don’t want to pass it by.Any help will be appreciated.

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