Scott Bowland

Scott Bowland - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Scott Bowland, AMP – Senior Mortgage Advisor
Dominion Lending Centres Smart Financial Services Inc
#101-301 Main Street,
Penticton, British Columbia V2A 5B7
Phone: 250-493-6040
Cell: 250-462-2274

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One comment on “Scott Bowland
  1. Debbie Carlton says:

    Hi Scott
    I hope life is getting back to some kind of normalcy for you and your family. Scott, Riley’s looking at buying an apartment in Richmond. We have about $22,000 in an RESP for him and I believe that can be used towards the purchase of a first home. There’s also a First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit where he doesn’t pay the Property tsf tax. He’s looking at a price range between $130-150K. Can you handle this for us? We need to know if he would qualify or do we need to co-sign? He’s making good money at The City of Rmd now (clearing about $3000/mo) but he may have to go on EI if he gets laid off at all in the winter. Brian could tell you more about how that works, but from what I understand he’s in a pretty good position where he may not be laid off at all. Helps to have his Dad in your corner for sure. It looks like he’d need 20% down which is doable with a little extra funds he has saved up. We’re probably looking at close to $30,000 down at the $150K figure. Anyways, tell us what you need and we’d like to get going. We’ll likely be selling our Ladner home early next year, depending on Brian’s medical situation and Riley will be stuck with big rental costs if he doesn’t buy. Most of the apartments in his price range are Leasehold. Thanks a lot Scott. Take Care. Deb and Brian

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