Ian Williams

Ian Williams - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Ian Williams – Mortgage Broker, Lender
Eagle Mortgage Group
264 Amity Road Suite 207
Woodbridge, Connecticut 06525
Phone: 203-389-8009
Fax: 203-389-8018

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  1. Leticia says:

    i am with tradeking now. i like them coz their magrin rates are lower than most for low balances. they definitely have some technology issues, though. my buying power changes a lot, like in thousnds, even when my etfs are flat. also it took 20 minutes to execute a market order, and that was after i contacted them. they didnt offer any explantion why, but the etf price didnt move, so i didnt mind. but i just hate to have to keep a close eye on everything. the other good thing is that minimum maintenance requirement for magrin is only 30%, rather than 35% which most other brokers have.

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