Christian Parth

Christian Parth - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Christian Parth – Mortgage Refinancing, New Home Mortgage Loan
Independent Mortgage Broker
PARINVEST is a startup mortgage banking company specialized to serve all financial needs of foreign investors and resident aliens.

Specializing in Loans for Foreign Nationals, Non Resident Aliens and Foreign Investors.
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One comment on “Christian Parth
  1. Mukund Shinde says:

    I am a non resident alien from Mumbai,India. I own 2 investment condo/apartment properties in 2 different motels in Fl,USA.I intend to purchase a property portfolio in Daytona,US which includes 5 buildings having 35 units. The purchase price is 1.7 Million including closing costs. Please let me know if you could assist me in finding a lender for this purchase.
    FYI I am a small business owner in Mumbai,India which is more than 40 year old and can provide more information when required.
    I have an ITIN number but no credit history in USA.
    Thank you and regards
    Mukund Shinde

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