Todd C. Sheppard

Todd C. Sheppard - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Todd C. Sheppard – Mortgage Broker, Lender
Great American Mortgage Co
477 E Butterfield Rd
ste 310
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Phone: 630-724-1400
Fax: 630-724-1575

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One comment on “Todd C. Sheppard
  1. Joe Blo says:

    Is this the same Todd C. Sheppard that used to teach at Willowbrook High School in Villa Park??? Yeah we know all about you, oh yes we do! Real arrogant, typical football player jock type, a real attentive teacher though, gave a lot of attention to the young girls, yes you did, a little too much attention. You should be on a registry list, and I am not talking about one at a big box store for gifts.
    If this is not the same guy sorry you have to share the name. If this is the right Todd C. Sheppard you didn’t get enough of what you deserved, you should of had to do some prison time, and if it would of happened today you more than likely would have, you got lucky, real lucky.
    You sure were narcissist, looking down on people like you were better than everyone. You getting caught couldn’t of happened to a better person, karma is a bitch and so are you.

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