Hassan Alhiraki

Hassan Alhiraki - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Hassan Alhiraki – Mortgage Agent
Matrix Mortgages Global
100 Consilium Place Suite 200
Toronto, ON M1H 3E3
Phone: 1-855-751-MRTG
Toll-Free: 1-855-751-MRTG
E-Mail: sm@solutionmortgages.com

Being a mortgage brokerage, we also understand that mortgages can seem daunting to many people – so we showcase different mortgage products such as the CMHC Purchase Plus Improvement program whereby you can get the government to help fund the improvements to your new purchase.

Our Agents are constantly in touch with the lenders and are made aware of the changes in the market. Assisting our clients in making the well informed choices that will affect their lives positively, we understand that a mortgage is not just about the interest rate anymore.

We have a reputation in the Mortgage industry for working with our credit challenged clients to consolidate debt, save them from foreclosures and assisting in rebuilding their credit ratings. For us, we expect that no mortgage deal is cookie-cutter and straight forward.

Lic. M14000600 BROKERAGE Lic. 11108​​

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