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Jags – Mortgage Agent
Mortgages by Jags
Whitby, ON
Phone: 647-831-7598
Cell: 647-831-7598
E-Mail: sjags@pegasusmortgages.com

You Are:

Young self/recently employed persons inquiring/wishing to purchase Real Estate.
Persons with stable income looking to refinance or mortgage Real Estate.
Mature persons considering Reverse Mortgages.
Investors with liquid cash seeking to grow their money through mortgage investing.
People relocating from another country to Ontario, Canada – let’s plan ahead for you.

We Are:

Serving the Durham Ontario area – Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington, Uxbridge, Scugog, Brock and the GTA.


Chasing interest rates will drive you senseless. Why chase interest rates when you can engage me to help you understand what you actually qualify for.

That’s right, the rates you see may not be the rate you qualify for.


You’re relocating to/within Ontario and looking to purchase Real Estate and need a Mortgage, then let me help you understand what you qualify for and set you up with one of our lenders.

On top of that, let me help engage our Real Estate Sales partners to help you find that new home you’ve qualified for.

Let’s help you get back to what matters most – your Life.

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