Peter House

Peter House - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Peter House, AMP – Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Intelligence
46 North Front Street,
Belleville, Ontario K8P 3A9
FSCO# 12063
Phone: 613-962-1388×224
Toll-Free: 866-559-5016
Fax: 613-962-8831

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One comment on “Peter House
  1. Barend Van Deelen says:

    Hello Peter; haven’t talked to you since you did our mortgage with First Line 8 years ago. We have 2 situations I would like to discuss with you.
    Option 1: Is to stay here, refinance to pay off our car, and do some needed renovations. Our original mortgage eight years ago was $270,000. and we now own $148,000.
    Option 2: To by a mobile home near my wife’s dad’s place so we can keep an eye on him and downsize as well. The home we are looking at here is $100K but needs $50K in renovations + we would like to pay off the car as well.
    I am now semi-retired. My income is $40K from the Canadian Welding Bureau, $15K from my RIFF and $11K from my CPP.
    My wife’s income was $60K last year. On a sour note my wife had her own business 6 years ago and was sued by a customer which in turn forced us to claim bankruptcy.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Barend Van Deelen (519)688-9429 Cell: 905-546-7037

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