Rohit Dhawan

Rohit Dhawan - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Rohit Dhawan, AMP – Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Intelligence
Phone: (416) 816-4444
Fax: (905) 789-7666

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  1. Petrus says:

    angela R answered:Well you pikced a bad time to get into this business ..I flip full time and the market is very soft right now .I have cash, so I am in a position to buy and hold, but most people get killed on carrying costs .That means, you buy a home and have to sit on it for months, that will kill your bottom line with mortgage payments ..My suggestion is, you buy a home, live in it while you do repairs and sell it with in two years, to avoid capital gains .Take the proceeds and buy a second, you keep doing this process until you have enough cash to buy at foreclosure auctions ..Best of luck .

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