Carina Takimoto

Carina Takimoto - Mortgage Broker/Mortgage Agent

Carina Takimoto – Mortgage Agent
TU Mortgage Solution Group –
The Mortgage Centre Lic 13135
4040 Steeles Avenue, Unit #48a
Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y5
Cell: 416 885 6696


Specialize in home and commercial mortgages, refinancing, debt consolidation, loans, first time home buyers, bad credit and more.


My approach is simple:
To present my clients with the best mortgage product that’s available on the market, given their client profile.


Don’t fall for what sales people tell you & sell you. It’s not only about the rate. Rate is one thing, but not everything. Make your due diligence & obtain unbiased advice from someone who is not “hired” to push particular products to you, but rather, guide you.

This is why I shop for the best product, w/competitive rates & terms, based on client’s qualification.
– Fixed or variable? Closed or Open?
– What term?
– What’s “the” situation currently?
– What are your long-term & short-term financial goals?


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  1. Julie Wolfe says:

    I am a interested in finding out more about a better mortgage set up and intrest rates and other options

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